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Integrated Gas Technologies
Gydevang 39-41
DK-3450 Alleroed
Tel. +45 45 76 99 21
Fax +45 45 76 98 21

POL type Low Pressure Regulator - IGT Type A300

CE approval according to European standard EN12864 and other approvals like SANS, AGA etc.
Designed for Butane, Propane or any mix (LPG). Minimum rated capacity 1,5 kg gas/h.

CE Approved according to European standard EN12864 (CE-0845) 

Butane: Inlet pressure 0,3 to 7,5 bar - Outlet pressure 28-30 mbar (2,8 KPa)
Propane: Inlet pressure 1 to 16 bar  - Outlet pressure 37 mbar or 50 mbar

View a selection of our POL type Low Pressure Regulators

Bull Nose Low Pressure Regulator South Africa SANS
POL type Low Pressure Regulator Soft Nose
POL Hard Nose Low Pressure Regulator
Swivel type Low Pressure Regulator Southe Africa SANS

Outlet options (EN12864)

  • 8 mm - H50
  • 10-11 mm - H51
  • 1/4" LH - H4
  • Others

Download detailed datasheet

Options available:

  • Excess Flow Limiter
  • Diaphragm Relief Valve
  • Re-enforced Diaphragm

Inlet options (EN12864)

  • POL Soft Nose G10
  • POL Hard nose G7
  • Others

South African Inlets

  • 3/8" BSP RH - SANS
  • 5/8" BSP Bull Nose SANS


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