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Integrated Gas Technologies
Gydevang 39-41
DK-3450 Alleroed
Tel. +45 45 76 99 21
Fax +45 45 76 98 21

Welcome to Integrated Gas Technologies

The Superior Design of IGT products

All IGT products are of our own design, well painted, attached with preferred local language working instruction, and approved for many national standards. 

We only use the best raw materials such as Zamac, brass, steel and rubber for all of our components. Therefore we are not afraid to give all customers 5 years of warranty on all products.

The warranty is backed up by a 2 million EURO product liability insurance, making IGT liable for its product quality during the full life of the product. Our unique product and service offers a combination of high quality, affordable products and high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to your needs, all while we deliver the product in the right place at the right time without delays. It is this unique market positioning that differentiates IGT from all other competitive offers in the market today.

IGT invite you to do business together

IGT is to be considered a relatively experienced company as we already enjoy a major market share in many  markets, which we have served for more than 10 years. We are keen to expand our business activities around the world and to serve our customers to perfection. IGT pursues our growth vision by continually developing new products and services, establishing new distributors, new dealers and engaging with new market segments. 

Contact us for further enquiries 

If you are a potential new customer or partner of Integrated Gas Technologies, please send us an email at  with your inquiry.
We are eager to learn how IGT can serve you in the best possible way.

Best Wishes,

Tom Lundquist, Sales Director 

The foundation of Integrated Gas Technologies

IGT (Integrated Gas Technologies) is a gas control equipment company excelling in manufacturing and marketing of LPG cylinder regulators, cylinder valves and equipment accessories. All together the two founders have 40 years of solid experience in the global LPG regulator business. 

Being globally competitive in the 21st century undisputedly involves business activities in China. That is why it was decided to place the production facility of the IGT LPG regulators in Yuyao city just south of Shanghai in China. 

Today the production of the LPG regulators takes place in a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises) named Ningbo Shuai Xian Regulator Co Ltd.
All IGT employees work at ergonomically well designed workplaces, and enjoy a safe and clean working environment. The factory has been audited and approved together with other international gas companies to meet the highest standards for an international customer segment.

How is IGT different from other suppliers? 

Before IGT entered the market in 2004 most markets had two offerings; either an expensive European made LPG regulator of good quality, with a minimum 5 year life cycle or alternatively a cheap “copy” LPG regulator of very poor and dangerous quality. IGT now serves the global market with the best of the two worlds by offering a significantly flexible product at a very attractive price.

At IGT we "Strive for perfection" this motto summarises how IGT is focused on bringing well designed, perfectly assembled professionally packaged products to the market. Our regulators are always 100% tested, clearly bar coded as well as safe and sound products, we will always strive to deliver freight and duty paid and on time no matter the location in the world. 


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