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Integrated Gas Technologies
Gydevang 39-41
DK-3450 Alleroed
Tel. +45 45 76 99 21
Fax +45 45 76 98 21



These fittings can be used in LPG installations. 
Two kinds of manometers, which are used to indicate gas levels/leaks. 
EU Adaptor Set

Pigtail Hoses 

Hoses and Clamps 

These hoses and  pigtails (high pressure hoses) are used for connecting LPG cylinders to manifolds, automatic changeovers or multi cylinder systems.

BS3212, EN1763, ISO3821, DVGW, AGA, NTC-3561

Inside diameter:
6/6 3/8/9/10/11 mm

Optional Certifications, Reach, Roh's, Phthalate

Stainless, 8-18mm/12-24mm, with or with our wing


PVC Hose 
Rubber Hose 
Stainless steel 
Carbon Steel 
Stainless steel 

Other Accessories

The accessories shown above is simply a small outtake of the opportunities that IGT can offer you.
Please contact us at for inquiries about any of the above or other types of accessories. 


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