Integrated Gas Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a Denmark-based MNC Industrial firm. We are a leading manufacturer of gas control equipment worldwide.


Our vision is to create Gas Technology that makes life better and safer for everyone, everywhere.


To Innovate and Pioneer in gas technologies worldwide.


Integrated Gas Technologies entered the markets in 2004. The founders, Mr. Tom & Mr. Peter came together to build what we know today as IGT. The journey began with a small firm in Denmark. The insufficiency of genuine Gas safety Devices at an affordable price led to the research and innovation into Gas safety technologies. After in-depth research, a factory was established in China in 2004. During the initial stages; IGT devices stepped into the market with 3 variants.

IGT entered the Indian markets in 2012. IGT pioneered in gas safety devices in India, there was a lack of authentic LPG safety devices in the Indian markets. The unique design and next-gen technology easily caught up with Indian households. The need in the Indian markets pushed into setting up a factory in India in the year 2015. In 15 years, IGT spread across the globe, in the present IGT has a presence in 120+ countries. IGT continues to penetrate households and strives to make kitchens safe all around the world.

Our Team:

We at IGT are highly motivated and exceptionally creative. We are deeply passionate about contributing and innovating in our work areas to improve Gas Technologies across the globe.


Want to join the IGT family?

We boast of wholesome work culture. If you want to Innovate, experiment, and create, you are in the right place! Send in your resume to hr@igt-lpg.in